Turn Lemons Into Honey Mint Limonata

Turn Lemons Into Honey Mint Limonata

I think we need to begin with the elephant in the room….where the heck have I been? I know many of you expect my newsletter the first Thursday of the month. It’s been a consistant thing….WAS a consistant thing.  I was somewhat MIA for a couple of months. Part of it was due to a situation you’ll read about below. Th other part was due to this guy….

Meet Sam “Cujo” Kettells.

He loves wrestling, sunshine, snuggling on the sofa and biting holes in his mom’s favorite yoga pants.

We adopted Sam in early March (rescued him actually, from a kill shelter in SC) and let’s just say he turned our lives upside down for a while.

I grew up with dogs and fondly remember them as puppies..cute, cuddly, prancing about with sweet puppy breath. I didn’t recall all the other stuff like vet visits, potty training, chewing and nipping on everything including people, constant attention, not sleeping through the night, etc.

I don’t recall any of that stuff because I wasn’t the one who had to deal with it. My mom did! I’ll honestly admit that I had more than a few moments where I thought getting a pup was a HUGE mistake.

Let’s get back to other other situation which is not as cute but at least it doesn’t nip at your nose.

I’ll set the scene; It’s March in NYC which means it’s so friggin’ cold and gray, but I’m hard at work on my new website, branding and all that goes with it. I’m working with a kick-ass web designer momprenuer. We’re making incredible progress and things are really coming together. I’m super excited because it looks like site will be complete by the end of March.

We hit a snag. It’s a big one. 

So Helen (kick-ass wed designer momprenuer) tries to access my soon-to-be new site, but it’s gone. Completely. Strange enough, so is my other site (dawnfalconelifestyles.com). The new site was backed up on my server only, but I feel fine. We assume that maybe my web hosting company is doing maintenance and all will be back to normal soon.

Never assume!

24 hours later still no sites so I make a call to my web hosting company. The server was down and they had no idea when it would be back up. Well, at least this company backs up sites every 24 hours so I feel safe. Right? Ummm….actually, I was told, “Seems like this server hasn’t backed up ANYTHING for the past 3 months“.

I’m pretty sure blood drained from my head region because I almost passed out at that point. Months of work and a website that was about 1-2 weeks away from being done may be completely gone.

I shouted out a few choice words, asked to speak with a manager who basically told me the same thing.

All this was going on in the middle of dinner, homework and puppy’s witching hour. My Monkey Boy asked if I was OK. I told him that I was a bit upset and needed to go into my room for a few minutes of alone time. I ran in there and cried, kicked and had a mini tantrum. Then I wiped away my tears and went back to making dinner. Seriously..what could I do? I had mouths to feed and Common Core math problems to solve!

Here’s where the iced honey mint lemonata comes in. This drink got me through my 3rd trimester. I’m not kidding. I waddled every single day to my local coffee house and ordered one of these babies right up until the day I gave birth in August. They completely saved me and made me feel happy.

It had been 6 years since I had one of those cold, refreshing beverages, but all of the sudden, in the middle of March in NYC, where it was a balmy 15 degrees, I had to have one. So I bundled up Monkey Boy after dinner and I got that chilled drink while he sipped on a hot chocolate.

Guess what? I felt better. Freezing, but better.

Instead of dwelling on the bad, crying and calling everyone I knew to vent – I let it go. It was completely out of my hands. Maybe Helen and I had to start over. And yes, it would cost me more money and my launch would be pushed back, but what could I do?

This was a turning point for me personally because I’m a former perfectionist with control issues. I honestly have struggled (and sometimes still do) with both of these things.

Both Sam our pup and the website issue were the ultimate lesson in letting go. Trusting that things would work out, even if they’re not quite how you’d imagine they’d be.

Guess what?

Sam is calming down. He’s potty trained, sleeps through the night and he’s not nipping at us constantly.

And my new website is up and running. Take a visit and let me know what you think. Sign-up for my 5 day mini course and hang out with me in my private Facebook group where we’ll talk about getting organized, losing the chaos in life and letting go.

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