Tips to Get Life Stuff Done Even Through Political Turmoil

Tips to Get Life Stuff Done Even Through Political Turmoil

I called my mom yesterday and the minute she picked up the phone I could tell something was wrong. She sounded sick, worn out, weak. She told me that ever since last Monday, she’s been feeling terrible and it’s getting worse by the day.

I’m not Einstein, but I could quickly piece the situation together.

These are tough times. The world is upside down & topsy turvy. It feels (to many of us) that the country we know and love is quickly changing and not for the better. We feel overwhelmed by the daily news, protests and actions. We want to stand up and fight, but we’re unsure if it’s making a difference.

I told my mom to step away and retreat for a bit. Get off of Facebook. Turn off the news. Don’t look at the paper. Shift focus to relaxing, joy and getting better. Watch HGTV all day or put on a movie. The madness would still be there once she’s well enough to return.

This is advice I myself needed to hear. I’ve not been sleeping well and trying to focus on anything but calling Senators, signing petitions or reading about the destruction of our Constitution has consumed me.

But daily life is still happening.

Laundry has to get done. Meals have to be cooked. Business is still taking place.

I know what some of you are thinking… “Who cares about laundry when people’s lives are at stake!!”

I know. I get it. I’m with you.

This battle, and I do believe it is exactly that, will not be swift. It’s going to take fours years or more to resist and fight all that’s being proposed. If you do not step away, ever so slightly daily, you’ll burn out. We need you to be with us for the long haul. And you may want some clean underwear or a home cooked meal from time to time as well.



Tips to Get Life Stuff Done Even Through Political Turmoil

Focus on your to-do list first
We all have things that have to happen to make our family’s  daily life function. And many of you also have to work or run businesses. Tackle all of that stuff first. That means before you turn on the news or open a paper.

Stay off of Facebook until your stuff is done
FB has always been a major time suck and that is now true more than ever. Make a vow to avoid all social media until everything is crossed off your to-do list

Block out FB/social media during different times of the day
Making a vow and keeping it are two different things. If you absolutely cannot stop yourself from scrolling on social media sites then download an app to block said sites on your computer during parts of the day. Here’s some I recommend: Self Control, Freedom or LeechBlock.

Do not engage with people on FB/twitter with opposing views
I’m pretty sure no one ever switched his/her point of view after being schooled on Facebook. I mean, I so wish this were not the case, but it’s true (i.e not an alternative fact) so don’t waste your energy.  Getting into social media battles isn’t going to change anything except maybe leave you feeling completely depleted and enraged.

Focus on one small political action a day
Remember we’re in this for the long haul so adding many political actions a day may lead you to crash and burn. Take one action a day. Sign up to be texted an action a day.

Impose social media/news blackout days
This one is non-negotiable. Choose one day during the week and one day on the weekend to be social media free. Take it off your phone if you must. Don’t turn your computer on at all if that helps. Give your body, mind and spirit a much-needed timeout.

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