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In one single shot we’ll tackle the room that’s driving you the most crazy.

  • Tired of stepping on Legos?

  • Buried alive under an avalanche of mail and paper?

  • Plastic containers fall on the floor every time you open a kitchen cabinet…and where the heck are the matching lids?

  • So done with your overstuffed dresser or bedside table being the first thing you see when you open your eyes each morning?

This doesn’t have to be your reality anymore.


You deserve to have a room in your home where you can walk in an exhale……instead of running away in fright.


Together we’ll make that your reality.


We start with a 45 minutes Zoom Session. You show me the room that’s driving you bonkers ~ don’t worry this is a no judgment zone. We focus on how you want that room to look, function and feel.


Then I create a Step-by-Step Action Plan for you.

What does that include? <<

  • The easy strategy you will follow to whip that room into shape, including where to begin and how to move through each step of the process.

  • How to ‘Sort It Out’ and ‘Let It Go’ – yes I’ll give you plenty of tips to help you say goodbye to the things no longer serving you or your family.

  • Links to the exact storage pieces you need to make it a reality.

  • A floor plan of where everything you’re keeping will now be housed.

You go and implement your personalized action plan and viola!

You end up with the chaos and clutter-free room you’ve always wanted!

We meet up again for our Follow-up Zoom Session

This is our check in to see how the process is going for you. I help you tweak systems, move you beyond stuck, cheer you on and yes, you can even vent if needed. I’m basically your kick-ass accountability partner in this session.


*Bonus – (cause we all love extra goodies!)

After our Follow-up Zoom Session I’ll send you your Personalized Maintenance Schedule for the room we worked on.

This is a your nightly guide to keep that room chaos and clutter free. Don’t fret because it will only take you 10 minutes or less – another bonus!


Get your home out from under those clutter piles and make overwhelm a thing of the past.


Let me show you how to liberate yourself from chaos one room at a time!


The Single Room Clutter Blaster costs $295!

It includes:

  • Our 45 minute Zoom Session where we chose the room you want tackle

  • Your Step-By-Step Action Plan

  • Follow-up Zoom Session (aka accountability butt-kicker)

  • * Bonus Personal Maintenance Schedule (to keep clutter away for good)



Quote MarkDawn really helped me organize my overwhelming workload. She got me on a schedule for getting and keeping up to date on client paperwork. Dawn even created a system to help me manage my pro bono clients, complete with a script!

Melanie Downey

Brand Innovation Strategist and Publicity Expert


Quote MarkI found it very helpful to meet with Dawn to map out a plan for how to accomplish what I want. It was clarifying to voice what I wanted and to commit to it officially. I think I might have dragged my feet when it came to completing tasks, but Dawn’s accountability forced me to persevere. And the outline she sent of our conversation was a helpful reference.

Kirsten Cruzen
Wellness Advocate