Escape From Clutter · Restore Order · Get Your Mojo Back



You finally did it! You broke out of the box, went out on your own and became an entrepreneur. Congratulations! You’ve got the power in your hands, your desk all set up, you even went shopping for office supplies and you are in business.




What ya’ didn’t realize was how distracting it can be to work from home, right? The dishes need done and there’s no one holding you accountable to do anything. How tempting it can be do do other things, especially when there’s so much staring you right in the face!


And the biggest thing is that your whole life exists under one roof now. Your home office and your home life have violently collided and..


It. Is. A. Mess.


Paperwork is everywhere, your notebook is on the dining room table, receipts are in piles in various places and there’s no room for that printer on your desk so it resides on the kitchen counter.

How are you supposed to get anything done when you’re constantly on the hunt for that one notebook or that one file that “was just right here a few days ago”?


I can help 🙂


Let’s schedule a consult. I’ll have a look at where your biggest struggles are and come up with our step-by-step action plan. Here’s what you’ll get:

– A comprehensive list of any tools/products needed to save you time (and therefore money)

– Two, 4 hour sessions to work on organizing your stuff

– File systems for your business, so you’ll know where to put stuff AND where to find it

– A paper management maintenance schedule (so those piles don’t come back)

– Organization all office/work supplies

– A clear desk area for max efficiency and a feeling of “aaaaahhhhhhh”

– A lesson in time management 101 so you become a “get it done” master

– Daily schedules for you get more done

– Organization of your daily to-do lists so things actually get crossed off


Some studies have shown that the average business person spends 1-3 hours a day, just looking for stuff, switching gears and being distracted. That’s up to 15 hours a week!


What could you do with an extra 15 hours a week in your business? Holy moly, that’s a lot of time wasted.


Let’s get you organized today and give you back some time so that you can become the “I’ve got it together” business owner that you envisioned you’d be.


Here’s how it works:

– You schedule your consult

– I look at your space and come up with a plan of action

– I give you a list of tools that you can get to help us in the organization process (files, boxes, etc.)

– We schedule your two sessions for us to get you organized, efficient and ready for success!


If you’re ready to set your business up for true success, it starts with your home office. Let’s clear the clutter and set up your success together!


Success Ready Office Organizer costs $1097 for the consultation, plan of action and two sessions (of 4 hours each)

Need to set up your office in half the time? Fast Track the process with two organizers for $1495