July Is The New January

July Is The New January

I took some leaps in June.
– Leaps of faith
– Leaps of faith with fear

I decided it’s time to put myself, my writing, tips and training out there to reach more people. Overwhelmed moms are everywhere and I want to help them.

So, I wrote two posts for Today Parents. One was in honor of Father’s Day.

I honored the best father figure I had growing up – my grandfather, otherwise known as Poppa.

A week later I shared one of my favorite summer tips – The Boredom Buster Chart

Guess what? Both of my pieces were accepted and are now live on Today Parents!
Poppa Can Fix Anything
Cures For “Mommy, I’m Bored”

My Boredom Buster Chart was even featured in an additional post called “12 Ways To Give  Kids a Throwback Summer”

That picture of the lady in a hat and sunglasses with a silly boy (dressed in a Charlie Brown costume)  lounging on a colorful hammock is me!! My Monkey Boy and I made the cover photo!!

I’m not done making giant LEAPS. I sent some articles I wrote to a bigger publication with over  87 million unique visitors a month. GULP. 

Business coach Jana Kingsford labeled June the new January. I’d like to extend that into July.

Did you set some goals for yourself at the start of the year? Now’s the time to get on them. It’s not to late. It’s never too late.

Feel free to drop me a line and share your goals with me. We can encourage each other to stick with it.

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