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Piles of paper that keep growing every time the mail comes, the stacks of jeans in your closet that you just know you’ll get back into one day and let’s not even talk about the kid’s rooms that makes Toys R Us look sparse.


It’s like the clutter is mating while you turn your back… growing like Gremlins.


When you look at that little mountain of mismatched socks on top of your dryer and the mass of makeup that you don’t wear in your drawer (how old is that eyeliner?), if feels like it actually sucks energy from your already depleted soul.


But where do you start? It’s beyond overwhelming.


Imagine walking into your door after a long day of errands, work and appointments. You look around and actually take a sigh of relief for once instead of wanting to turn and run. You home is clutter-free, everything is where it belongs. You can actually sit down on that chair that was once cluttered with laundry and relax.

You’re looking for progress, not perfection. Simple guidance. Extra hands…”The Happy Medium”

But can’t you just suck it up and do it all yourself? Yes you can. Chances are that you’ll spend a ton of time slaving away at your stuff. You’ll get it to “good enough” status out of sheer exhaustion and then about a month later, the clutter will be back. It always comes back if you don’t create systems to prevent it from getting there in the first place. That’s where I come in!

“Where Do I Start?”…Consultation

Let’s walk through your place together! No, really… it’s okay. I’ll have a look in cabinets, drawers and under beds to see what you really have going on. NO, you don’t have to clean up or hide stuff. I need to see everything in it’s natural state so that we can find out why it ends up there in the first place and give you ways to fix it. I promise, you won’t scare me… I have a son.


During our walk-through, I want to spend time talking about your ideas, goals, and overall vision. Then I’ll get to work and custom design your personalized action plan.Then, you can take over and make things happen. Use your action plan to make your space what you’ve always wanted it to be.


The Consultation cost $395. This includes up to 1.5 hours (in person) and email follow-up with your personal action plan. You can take the plan and do it alone or work with me and it will serve as our guide.

Organization Party

What if you don’t want to go at it alone? You don’t have time and it frustrates you. That’s okay, I’m happy to be your extra set of hands. We can throw our hair up in messy buns and blast some 80’s music while we implement your plan together.


Sounds much more fun than drudging through your crap alone, doesn’t it?


We’ll start with an energy clearing session (Reiki) to make the process as enjoyable as possible for you, then we’ll dive in and start sorting through your stuff! You’ll let go of more than you’d ever imagine and I’ll use my mad interior design prowess to find homes for things you love, like that collection of antique cookbooks from your grandma.


When we’re finished, we can have a glass of champagne and celebrate your new, clutter-free space. You’ll be left stress-free with room to breathe.


One-on-One Organizing Packages are available in a variety of hours and prices starting at $995


Fast Track Packages available – because sometimes two organizers are better than one, starting at $1495

Quote MarkWorking with Dawn was truly a blessing. She turned what has been a totally stressful situation into a project that was enjoyable and now even fun to maintain.  In a matter of a weekend, she came in and turned my daughter’s ‘rat nest’ into a room that now everyone in the family wants hang out in.

Despite my many efforts, endless rants of ‘go clean your room’ and even threats of throwing everything away, my daughter and I really did not know how to organize in a way that she would be able to maintain on her own. Dawn taught my daughter the skills she needs to organize and keep things tidy. Thank you Dawn for making a totally insane project manageable and for giving a mother back her sanity.

Tammy Rose

Early Childhood Educator

Maintenance Plan

Once the systems are in place, everything has a home and you can breathe again, it’s easy to slip back into old habits. Don’t worry,  I’ll help you keep it clutter free with your daily, weekly or monthly maintenance plan. I’ll come back for a visit and touch up what we’ve already done or go deeper into helping you organize even further.


We’ll make sure that you’re never in that stressed out, “digging through piles to find that one paper” mode again. You can spend your time focused on your family, career and life instead of sweating the small stuff. How nice is that?


This plan is ideal for office organizing (filing, bill pay, receipt tracking) or general tweaking to other areas of your home.


Maintenance Plan visits are available to all of my clients in an annual membership or 6 month plan starting at $795

Quote Mark

I don’t know how to express how grateful we are for your brilliant work with us other than to say that we woke up today – and felt so at peace and at home, for the literal first time, in our apartment… that we didn’t even feel as if we needed to leave in order to feel relaxed. You did exactly what I had hoped you would when we spoke: transform our apartment into a home for the first time and inspire a ripple effect toward peace, lack of clutter, minimalism, organization, and intentional design in all parts of our lives. We can already feel the difference “spiritually,” let alone based on the fact that I know where my keys are for the first time this year!!!

Thanks for being such a great listener, decision-forcer, hands-on partner in making this happen, and organizer/designer; we are both so excited that, really, we’re just getting started!

Andrew Mangino

Co-Founder/CEO The Future Project