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Get Focused - Dawn


Anna walks into her entry, full of coats, bags and a random pile of mail on the floor. She would put the coats in the closet but it’s full of shoes the kids have outgrown, three different vacuum cleaners and some bags of stuff that was supposed to go to Goodwill 6 months ago.

She’s rushed to get homework done, make dinner, do laundry and get ready for another day of just the same.

No time for anything more.

But the house keeps getting more and more full. More and more disorganized. Anna knows that it’s costing her precious hours every day looking for lost things but the time that she does have is spent with the family… not reorganizing the kitchen cabinets to get rid of those Tupperware lids that no longer have matching bowls.

The family is chronically late or misses events and appointments altogether.

Ugh, the CHAOS!

It feels like they get more and more behind every day and she’s beginning to become ashamed of her schedule, her house… even her ability as a mother and wife is affected.

Can you identify with Anna?

Maybe you’re struggling right now in ways that you never thought that you would. It’s just time…there never seems to be enough of it.

Hi there! I’m Dawn Falcone, The Chaos Liberator. 

I’m your private accountability partner and life organizer who can wrangle those messes, reduce the clutter and expand your energy that you’ll have once we’ve erased the clutter fatigue in your life.

My private clients call me their secret weapon. I’ve also been called a marriage counselor and the kid cleaner upper whisperer.


Quote MarkI was so lucky to work with Dawn to help me get more organized! She asked thoughtful questions in advance so we could make the most of our time, and she was able to help me hone in on the areas where small changes could make a big difference. As a busy mother and small business owner, I needed some gentle experienced guidance to get things on track and not feel so overwhelmed. Dawn’s advice and tools were invaluable and just what I needed.

Rachel Goldstein

Here’s what you’ll receive when we work together:

  • (8) 45-60 minute personalized weekly one-on one, virtual sessions where we get to the root of your clutter issues to create forward momentum and inspire real, lasting change in your home and in your life.(Our sessions are spread over a 3 month period)

  • Weekly step-by-step action plan

  • Accountability to get things done that we’ve identified as priorities

  • Full email access to me whenever you need support or a kick in the pants

  • Tried and true time management tips to help you feel less rushed

  • A revamped personal daily schedule & family schedule

  • Ideas to get your kids and partners involved in the process (chore charts & more)

  • (1) Bonus call at the end of our 8 weeks to establish your personal and family maintenance plan.

Your investment to change your life  is $1995 paid in full or 3 payments of $700

You can finally have your stuff together SO MUCH that you just might be that person who shows up early at the school fundraiser with actual home-baked treats (unless you hate baking like me).


But how am I so qualified to help in these situations? I’ve been helping busy New Yorkers organize (and beautify) their homes and offices since 2006.


My work has appeared in the magazines Real Simple and Woman’s Day, The Chicago Tribune,,,, and many more.


I’m a proud member of NAPO and a Golden Circle member (5 year minimum of service excellence).


Plus… I live the “small NYC apartment” life every day with my husband, son and dog. That’s organizational experience!


If you’re ready to make space for what really matters then let’s set up a call. It’s important to see if we’re a good fit since we’ll be the dynamic duo.


Once we decide that we’re a mutual fit, we’ll get our weekly meetings on the calendar and you’ll be living in a space that is functional and allows you to breathe.


Let’s do it.