Day 5 – Patience, My Friend

Day 5 – Patience, My Friend

This week I shared ideas on ways to move you out of a slump. We all get into ruts from time to time. It’s a fact of life. Sometimes it happens after a big event or trip or the holiday season. It can occur after you achieve something big.


When you’re stuck in a slump you tend to lack motivation and will power. You feel like you’re failing at tasks, you’re not good enough, strong enough or that everyone else has it all together. This crappy internal dialogue of course, isn’t helping to move you beyond stuck.

What if ruts are not actually a bad thing?

It could be a reminder that something needs to shift. Your body and mind may need time to recharge, process the big events or milestones in your life. Take this down time to re-evaluate what matters most in your life. Are you busy just for the sake of being busy? Do the daily tasks that take up your time have any true purpose?

Maybe all you need is some time and patience to move on through to the other side.

I know that being patient when you feel like the pits isn’t easy. I’m not telling you to sit and wallow in self pity on the sofa with a bag of Doritos. Utilize some of the things that we’ve shared this week. Drink water, set your bedtime, move your body, but do not beat yourself up if after a few days of doing that you’re not completely back to your old self.

Give yourself time to work through. Keep life as simple as possible in the meantime. Remove unnecessary things from your calendar. Grab a notebook and brain dump (stream of consciousness). And most of  all be kind and patient with yourself.

It will pass. You’ll now have tools to handle it the next time it (rut) comes around again.


I hope you found this week’s info helpful. Please share below any insights you gained or things you tried that were useful to you. Much uncluttered love ~Dawn





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