Day 4 – Set Attainable Goals

Day 4 – Set Attainable Goals

We’ve added some positive things back into our routine like drinking h2o first thing in the a.m. and a bedtime schedule. You worked through some internal stuff and yesterday you moved your body.

Today we’re going to set some goals to shift you out of your rut and move you forward. Now these goals are not big, long term dreams like I want to be the next Oprah. These are manageable interim goals.

We tend to exaggerate our abilities or wrongly attribute failure to circumstances beyond our control so let’s be realistic about what can actually accomplished in a short amount of time. If your goal seems unreachable or starts to overwhelm you then pull back. Break that goal down and focus on a smaller step.

Keep that in mind that these interim goals are going to move you beyond stuck.

Let’s say you fell off the clean eating wagon this summer (ahem, me!!). Instead of  big goals like I’ll lose that 7 pounds I gained, exercise 4xs a week, drink 64oz of h2o daily and not touch a lick of sugar, gluten or processed food. You’d choose one or 2 things max as a goal and ease into it. So, my goal for the week has been to increase my h2o daily,  to avoid processed sugar  and to take the stairs up to my apt once a day (5 flights).

That’s it. I know that if I add all those other things in right now I’ll get overwhelmed and probably end up eating something crappy and sugary (like sheet cake).

So now it’s your turn. What interim goal(s) are you going to set for yourself over the next week or so to help you get back into your groove. Keep it small and keep it simple.

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