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Remember that time when you spent an hour rummaging through the house looking for that lost thingamajig?


And you couldn’t find it so you had to go buy another one, only to find the original thingamajig hiding deep in the midst of a closet or drawer that needs some serious help.

Great… now you have two thingamajigs.

In that moment of frustration to tears… you wanted all of those piles of crap, clothes, paper and toys to magically disappear. But where do you even start?


No silly, lighter fluid and a match are not an option.


I know… it’s so stressful to be

  • Constantly shifting junk around the house because it has no real home

  • Tripping over things the kids leave in the hallway every stinkin’ day

  • Sorting through the clothes in the closet your kids outgrew a year ago to find a shirt that actually fits

  • Accumulating more stuff in that junk drawer that you can barely close because it’s your default

Maybe it’s time to enlist help so you can finally check this to-do off of your list now and FOREVER.

How great would it feel to walk into a home that is free of old papers and giveaway items… only filled with the things you love? And everything is put away… where it belongs! Squeee!


And as a bonus you’d have:

  • Your family’s help with keeping things neat (for real)

  • A neat home at the end of the day so you can exhale

  • Calm. You’d be the happy mom you want to be instead of the screaming psycho that you maybe sometimes are

Jaime Dann

Quote MarkToday marks my last session of the 5 Week Intensive with Dawn. I have to say, it has been one of the most impactful events in my messy, messy, life. I’ve learned SO MUCH from this beautiful human being. Not only organizational skills, but how to release “things” that do not serve me, how to disconnect myself from the things and utilize what I ACTUALLY need, how to liberate myself and how to be PROUD of myself and what I have accomplished. This is HUGE for me! I do not give myself credit for anything I do. Dawn does and reminds me of all of my achievements.

Jaime Dann
Independent Distributor YL Essential Oils


6 Weeks · A Group of Women & A Professional Organizer

Your teacher, supporter, accountability partner (and sometimes ass-kicker)

  • No more piles of crap or bags stuffed into closets or under beds

  • No more time searching endlessly for lost things

  • No more wasting money buying stuff you’re sure you have… if only you knew where

  • No more yelling at your kids to pick up for the 100th time

  • No more stressing over the chaos & overwhelm every single day

You’ll free yourself from the clutter once and for all!


Quote Mark

I had an awesome session with Dawn Falcone this week. WOW! I have a LOT going on and she totally took it in her stride, was ready with strategies and support. I need clarity and organization within my life and Dawn was immensely helpful. I was a little apprehensive talking about it all, but the amazing Dawn totally put me at ease.I totally TOTALLY recommend Dawn, and I can’t thank her enough for her help!

Emma Stambach
Pulsed Electromagnetic Fields Therapist & Wellness Warrior

Here’s How The 6 Weeks Work:

Week 1

You schedule your one on one call with me so that we can dive into your specific needs and get a game plan together for you and the things you want to see changed.

You’ll get access to our group and get prepped for our start in week 2.

Week 2-5

We’ll hold weekly group calls via Zoom for support, questions and guidance. This is where you’ll also create your goals for the week and get accountability to stick to them (because we’re watching you!).

You’ll also get a weekly email check in for further support and accountability.

Week 6

You schedule your one on one call with me so that we can dive into your ongoing maintenance needs and get a game plan together to keep your newly de-cluttered spaces looking fabulous!

This adventure is for you if you:

  • Are OVER IT and completely done with clutter & chaos affecting your life

  • Need to stop feeling so overwhelmed on a daily basis

  • Are truly ready to put the time in needed to make stuff happen (with help)

  • Are willing to be a supporter to the other women in a group, sharing your experience and findings

  • Like to laugh and keep things light (clearing clutter doesn’t have to be a drag!)

This intensive is not for you if you:

  • Are too busy to devote time to making a change

  • Are not willing to take advice, get support or support others

  • Are dealing with a hoarding situation that needs more in depth help

Ready to finally live a clutter free life?

*Spaces are limited!*

The cost of my 6-Week Clutter Clearing Intensive is one payment of $425 or two payments of $250 each


Quote Mark

I have this mass of clutter, there are so many things that could be tackled. Dawn took that mass and assigned sticky notes to the tackle zones. She numbered the sticky notes in the order we’re going to tackle them. I only know #1 right now. I don’t need to know the other numbers until we get there.

#1 we are tackling the physical clutter and the emotional ties in order to create the result. We are then going to feed off the successes as we continue plucking sticky notes from the mass of clutter until we create peaceful systems throughout the house. Working with Dawn is going to do so much for my life and business!!

Jaime Slutzky
Virtual Summit Tech CEO

I’m really looking forward to helping you on your adventure!