Escape From Clutter · Restore Order · Get Your Mojo Back

I can stop the feelings of overwhelm and give you back time to focus on what really matters

You want to be the best mom, wife and professional that you can be, but you’ve got a serious case of clutter fatigue. It’s creeping into all areas of your life and it’s taking a toll on you and your family. Consider this:

“The National Association of Professional Organizers reports that we spend one year of our lives looking for lost items.” (Add 6 months to that per kid. Finding that lost Lego sword takes a while!!)

Would you like to get that year back – and use it for other things?

Clutter = Stress

Between piles of stuff, a jam packed schedule or a racing mind, you’ve got a recipe for chaos. Stress mixed with clutter raises your heart rate and blood pressure. Plus, you end up with more yelling and less stuff getting done.

It doesn’t have to be this way

Together we’ll cut the clutter, polish the gears of your daily routine and free your mind from overwhelm. You can have the life you dream of both at home and in your business. Let’s find the systems that fit you and your family.

About Dawn – The Chaos Liberator


I’m on a mission to empower other busy women to kick  their life-clogging, energy-sapping clutter to the curb once and for all!  I’ve been helping extraordinary moms in NYC get it together since 2006. My work has appeared in many places, including Real Simple. and The Chicago Tribune. I love helping people  transform their homes, schedules and lives. (It’s my thing!)


How did I become this passionate life liberator?

Dawn’s Story

Even organizing goddesses get the blues

I’ve had my own bouts with chaos. After my son was born,  I learned that clutter come in new shapes and sizes – and it’s not just excess stuff. Having a baby rocked my confidence. I felt inadequate most of the time. I struggled to recover from giving birth, to breast feed – everything. My brain was spinning with so much info, fear and self doubt. I overcompensated by taking on way too much trying to be perfect. The result was a tired, humorless, grumpy mommy.

My wake up call

My cluttered schedule and mind finally caught up with me. I got sick. Very sick. It wasn’t until I was diagnosed with adrenal fatigue and a thyroid condition that I FINALLY woke up. I started saying NO and setting boundaries. Now, I want to help other women, just like you, dive deeper to clear away all forms of clutter – from bloated rooms and schedules to the mental gunk that slows you down.

You’ve got this


Your clutter-free dream life is closer than you think. Together, we’ll create systems that get your family humming along. 

Fun (maybe slightly weird) Random Facts

  • My mind automatically reorganizes and redecorates every space I walk into. Great with clients. Sucks at the Post Office.
  • My family & I are obsessed with creating fantastic, homemade Halloween costumes. We start working on them in August.
  • I can sing any song like Bob Dylan or Ethel Merman. Seriously.
  • I live in NYC but long for grass or sand. Whenever I see a small plot of either I MUST take my shoes off and walk on it.
  • I was one of 50 finalists to be the next Martha Stewart.
  • Derek Jeter asked me out but I turned him down because I was dating someone. That “someone” is now my husband.
  • My hubby took me to Paris for my 30th BDay to see the Mona Lisa. We both stood in front of it and sobbed.
  • I get great joy from setting a table for dinner guests. Fancy napkin folds + floral arrangements = ecstasy.
  • I’m a hippie at heart. I make my own lotion, deodorant and want to live in Woodstock (or Costa Rica) with chickens. 

Let’s Get Serious

Professional Bio

Dawn Falcone has been helping busy New Yorkers organize (and beautify) their homes and offices since 2006, when her company Dawn Falcone Lifestyles was born. Her work has appeared in the magazines Real Simple and Woman’s Day, The Chicago Tribune,,,, and many more.

She a proud member of NAPO, NAPO-NY and is a Golden Circle member (5 year minimum of service excellence). She’s a CfYH color consult and a certified interior environmental coach.

She resides in NYC in a small, but highly efficient apartment with her Renaissance Man husband and their spirited six year old, lovingly referred to as Monkey Boy.